Discontinuing Appmonger

Rectangular Software regrets to announce that we are discontinuing Appmonger, our Android app for Android app developers. For the past 6 years Appmonger has provided near real-time app sales updates, statistics, and graphs for app publishers. Over this time we have had to make many updates to keep pace with Google’s ever-changing services (there have been 87 separate versions of Appmonger). The transitions from Android Market to Google Play, from Google Checkout to Google Wallet and then to Google Payments, and the introduction of buyer’s currency support have provided many challenges and required more and more work-arounds.

Since the demise of Google Checkout, Appmonger has relied on an undocumented and unsupported feature in Google Wallet that allowed it to continue extracting order data in the same way that it had before. It was only a matter of time before this seemingly otherwise unused loophole was closed by Google, and it appears that the recent transition to Google Payments has finally done so. While it may be technically possible to rework Appmonger to obtain the order data via some other method, such as web-scraping, this would be a convoluted and fragile process that would be likely to break with each further change to Google’s services.

Appmonger has never been a significant earner for Rectangular Software but it has attracted a small band of loyal followers. I would like to thank everybody who has purchased the app, reported bugs and helped to debug issues and I apologise for any disappointment this decision has caused but, in the absence of an officially supported reporting API for Google Payments, the continued development of Appmonger is unviable.

The current version of Appmonger will continue to display historical order data indefinitely but it is unable to download any new data. If you have purchased the app recently (since 1st May 2016) and feel you have not got your money’s worth, we will be happy to refund the cost of the app (please get in touch with your order details).