Android Exceeds 75% Market Share in Europe

Kantar Worldpanel today released its latest smartphone OS market share figures, based on sales in the three months up until the end of May 2016. These show the continued advance of Android, which accounts for the majority of devices sold everywhere and is almost completely dominant in countries such as Spain (92.8%) and Italy (80.9%). Across the 5 largest EU markets (France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy and Spain), Android accounts for 76.5% of devices sold (up from 70.5% in the same period last year). However, Apple’s iOS market share in those 5 European countries has dropped by only half a percentage point to 18.3%; it is Windows Phone that has been the biggest loser, with over half its share wiped out over the last 12 months (dropping from 9.6% to 4.6%).

If you’re targeting European smartphone users, the message is that Android is the most important place for your app to be. However, if you haven’t translated your app into other languages, your user base is likely to consist mostly of people in English-speaking countries, where the picture differs. Android remains number one in terms of number of users but Apple’s share of the market is much higher in Britain (36% and rising), Australia (32.5%) and the USA (29.3%) than it is in continental Europe or China.

The decline of Windows Phone – now almost entirely absent from the US, China and Japan, and only a peripheral player in Europe – means that, perhaps more than ever, there are only two platforms that remain relevant for new app development.