Rectangular Software Delivers Apps for the IntoTrim Plan

Rectangular Software has recently been working with Natasha Hurst, creator of the IntoTrim Plan, to develop native iOS and Android apps to support the launch of her new IntoTrim Plan book for people who want to lose weight or maintain their ideal weight once they have reached it.

The free apps provide a food diary to monitor calorie intake meal-by-meal and a weight tracker so that you can plot your progress. If you install one of the apps and register a free IntoTrim account, you’ll also qualify for a discount on the paperback version of the book.

IntoTrim (iOS) IntoTrim (iOS)In addition to the native mobile apps, Rectangular Software has also delivered a responsive web app version for IntoTrim that you can use on any computer, tablet or mobile device. We built the web software usingPython and the Django framework. This is an example of how Rectangular Software is not just about mobile apps but can also provide broader solutions to support the mobile apps and to target non-mobile users.