Appmonger Update for Google Wallet Authentication Issues

In the last few days several Appmonger users have reported that the app fails to authenticate with Google Wallet and therefore cannot download their latest orders. This is due to changes made by Google on the Google Wallet website.

In order to retrieve the data it retrieved previously, the app now needs to send your Google account’s SID cookie to Google Wallet. Version 2.5.6 of the app, released today, will now do this but it requires you to grant Appmonger permission to access this cookie when prompted to do so (you will receive a system notification giving the option to grant or deny access). Theoretically, being able to access this cookie might allow Appmonger to access more than just the Google Wallet part of your Google account. Unfortunately this is the only way that we have been able to restore the previous functionality. In practice, Appmonger will only use this cookie to retrieve data from Google Wallet. We will continue to investigate alternatives so that hopefully in a future version it is not necessary for you to grant this additional level of trust to Appmonger.