Appmonger vs Android Market Merchant Sales Reports

A new post over at the Android Developers Blog today introduces the Android Market’s new merchant sales reports. These monthly CSV reports are similar to those that you can already get from Google Checkout (the same reports that are used by Appmonger to generate its statistics) but seem to be a bit more informative. Among other information such as the device type, these new reports also include accurate conversions for buyer’s currency transactions. Currently Appmonger performs a best efforts conversion using third-party exchange rates because this information has not been available from Google until now.

At present, the only report available for developers to download from the Android Market is for March 2011 but the blog article indicates that previous reports back to January 2010 will be made available in due course and subsequent reports will be available every month. In isolation these reports are not sufficient to deliver Appmonger’s functionality as, unlike the Google Checkout reports, they are not available in near real-time (orders will not show up in a report for up to 40 days). However, there may be scope for Appmonger to use these reports in addition to the Google Checkout data to provide more accurate figures, perhaps by performing a monthly reconciliation of orders by updating the converted amounts as the exact data is made available. We’ll look into this possibility and keep you posted. Keep your eye on this blog.